Which Arduino board to choose

I just need to drive 10 outputs (relays) based on 5 input (Push buttons). please suggest suitable boards. Thanks

Any Arduino; the (io-wise) smallest board has 14 digital pins plus 6 analog pins that can also be used as digital pins. That's a total of 20 pins; keep the 2 pins for serial communication free for debugging and you still have 18 left. So Uno or Nano or Mini are some of the possible candidates.

Be aware that you can not directly control relays from an Arduino.

Hi Vspandi,

Like sterretje said most arduinos have enough ports for what you are asking.
However the different types of arduino have different properties that might make them more or less suitable for your project (do you want to use it to make a one time test setup or is it a permanent thing?).

It would help if you could A. read this How to use this forum

and B. Tell us more about what you are doing (you might not need relays (which again like sterretje said cannot be driven directly)).