which arduino board to use for making a digital charger?

Planning on making a digital charger which charges smartphones for a pre-set amount of time using FK406 sensor. I am not very familiar with arduino boards types and need to start working on it for my college project. I am attaching my synopsis so as to give you all the idea of what i am trying to make. Kindly help!

100rb synopsis.doc (52.5 KB)

Do you have a web page link for the FK406? I either get shower chairs or timer circuits when I Google for that.

A small Arduino is likely to be best. The Micro will probably do everything you need. While most people will recommend you start with an UNO, the Micro is equally easy to program and fits into a standard breadboard for testing too. Smaller ones such as the Pro Mini are more difficult to program.

Without further information on the FK406, this doesn't initially sound like a college-level project. Smartphones are pretty smart and they will defeat most attempts to control their charge cycle. So either your project is pretty dumb or it's highly-advanced.

Go to www.bakatronics.com
click on the Halloween timers section on the left hand side, you'll find a wide array of timers including the FK406.

Thanks for your help regarding the board type.

The FK406 seems to be just a timer with a relay


No need for the FK406 since a timer can be built using any Arduino and adding a relay is simple - you could use a keypad and display to enter time and show time values