Which Arduino board?

Hi all,

I need some help to choose which Arduino board is the best for my project.

I’m working on my base robot that in the future must be the base for some other projects.

My base robot include:

By now I tested all component one by one using my Arduino Ethernet. When I start to connect all them I found that
not enough digital pin are available. For this reason I thought to buy Arduino Due board that will make me able to
expand my project in the future without problem of digital pin.

Unfortunately I saw that this board use 3.3V instead 5V. For motor driver, MPU6050 and ADNS-2051 there are not
problem but the PING))) sensor works at 5V. If the signal from PING))) is 5V this will damage my board.

Use a voltage regulator like this http://www.homotix.it/index.cfm?Page=Catalogo&IdCatProdotto=198&IdSchedaProdotto=1574 can solve my problem? Is this a general solution to adapt components that works at 5V?


The Arduino Mega 2560 is 5V, and has more pins and more memory and is the same family of microcontroller as the Arduino Uno. So most libraries can be used with the Mega.

The Arduino Due is a different microcontroller. Many user written libraries can’t be used.
But it has a lot more processing power.

The LM2937 is a voltage regulator, not for signals.
You could use a level-shifter, either a single component or a breakout board.
Perhaps a 74HC4050, or a transistor, perhaps even only resistors, or a level converter like this, https://www.sparkfun.com/products/8745

Hi Erdin,

thanks for your reply.

I agree that buy a Mega will result probably in less effort because basically works like an Uno with more pins.

On the other side the Due is more powerfull... hard choice!