Which arduino board ??

Hi, i wondered if someone can give me some advice, i have written a program to run 13 leds with different flashing sequences. i am presently using a Arduino uno but i am very near its memory capacity. I am hoping to eventually run 30 leds and wondered which of the Arduino boards would be most suitable. I have had a look at the different specs of the boards, didn't want to make a bad decision Many thanks

Use an external EEPROM or flash chip. Then, with your Arduino, you'll only have to read the data from the chip, not using its internal programming memory, and you will be able to save very long sequences without any trouble.

What the previous post is trying to say is use PROGMEM arrays for your data which are read-only and live in Flash, not RAM. Using EEPROM makes no sense for this.

[ Oh, I forget to mention Charlieplexing - 30 LEDs need only 6 pins that way ]

No, I didn't mean that. He says that the memory of his board is full and I guess it's the PROGMEM. If he's hard written the sequences in his code, they'll be saved in the PROGMEM space, because it's part of the program.

I said he should use an EEPROM chip. Not the built-in EEPROM of the Atmega. That'll give him more memory.

Buy a Arduino Mega, it has more memory and more pins so you can maybe connect 30 LED's. Do remember though the total load the MCU can tolerate might not be enough for 30+ LED's. Maybe a better design will help, it's possible to drive hundreds of LED's from 3 pins using MAX7219 driver chips.

I'm just wondering what you're doing that uses all of the arduino's memory just flashing 13 leds... If indeed you've got a lot of hardcoded sequences, it's probably easy to achieve. But with a bit of optimizing and calculating your patterns and not hardcoding them, you could probably keep on using an uno and do everything you want. But just throwing more hardware at it is ofcourse also an option. I would just be wondering if there isn't a better solution if your goal is just controlling 13/30 leds. I made a ledcube 4x4x4 with an arduino nano controlling it (equal capabilities as an uno), and i've got some nice patterns running on it and i've still got plenty of memory left. So i'm really wondering what you're up to :).