Which Arduino Can I buy?

Hi everyone, I'm starting at Arduino world's.

I bought Arduino Uno and CAN Bus shield to test and liked a lot. Now I'm thinking to use Arduino to developing software to communicate with cars throught OBDII.

I'm needing develop hardware with these features:

1 - Ethernet (SPI Interface) - (I'm thinking to buy a new shield or Arduino)
2 - CAN Bus (SPI Interface) - I have this shield
3 - KWP - (UART) - I have this shield
3 - PWM - (UART) - I haven't

What is my problem? I couldn't found Arduino with 2 SPI( shield ethernet and can bus) and at least 2 UART (KWP, PWM) .

I was thinking to buy Arduino Yun because the hardware has ethernet, but there is just one UART ( I need at least 2)

Anyone knows some Arduino with 2 UART (at least) and Ethernet?

Thanks in advance

Atmega1284 has 2 serial. SPI is a shared bus - all devices connect to MISO, MOSI, SCK, and receive individual slave select signals.
I offer several variations at my website, www.crossroadsfencing.com/BobuinoRev17/
You'll need Ethernet & CANBUS shields.
This one is Uno-like for example, but with 2 serial ports & 16K SRAM, and 10 more IO pins:

... and you don't have to use UART pins for PWM.

Thanks for your answers.

Oh and sorry, I made mistake, It's not PWM but RS232.