Which Arduino do I need?


I've got a few projects that I feel an Arduino would be perfect for, but I'm having trouble figuring out what I need.

I need a small micro controller that can switch a 5v current off and on, and can receive a signal over ip via either ethernet or wifi. I'd like to be programmable over USB, but that's it. No processor speed restrictions or anything. I really just want a remote 5v tripper. I'm not sure exactly what I need, but I figure someone here might!


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Either a basic Arduino like an Uno and add Ethernet or Wifi Shield,
or one of the Arduino's with that functionality built in.

Any of them have IO pins that can control a transistor or relay to turn 5V current from an external supply on/off.
If you only need 20-30mA of 5V current, an IO pin can provide that directly.

Thanks for the info!

No problem.