Which arduino driver can I use ?


this is my stepmotor. And

http://www.cncmarketim.com/tr/spindle-motor-pens-ve-takimlari/192-arel-2-2-kw-spindle-motor.html this is my spindle motor.

So, Which Arduino driver is proper for these motors ?

Thank you

The Thread stepper motor basics may be useful. Your link says that your motor requires 4.2 amps so you need to get a stepper motor driver that can provide a bit more than that - perhaps 5 amps.

I will leave advice on the spindle motor driver to others.


Thank you for your advice but I do not have deep information about board . So, I need directly which arduino boards can I buy in order to operate these motors correctly.

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which arduino boards can I buy in order to operate these motors correctly.

If you have one stepper motor and one spindle motor an Arduino Uno should be able to control both with ease. And the Uno is the best starter board as most Arduino software and hardware works with it.

However you have not told us how the Arduino will get the information necessary to control the motors and that may have a bearing on the choice of board.

I think I was confused by your use of the term “Arduino driver”. A “driver” usually means a circuit board that sits between the Arduino and a motor to convert the Arduino signals into the high voltages and currents needed by the motor.


That's a large stepper motor, there's no Arduino driver can handle something like that, you need an industrial stepper driver capable of 4.2A or more.

For the spindle motor you'll need a suitable VFD with some sort of speed control interface