which arduino for my project (noob inside, first time with arduino :) )

hi there !

i'm starting a project that require arduino and I would like to know which card I need.
here is my specification :

i just need to track back 4 potentiometer to get back their "informations" (as the will be moving) into proce55ing, so which type of arduino card do I need to do that ?

thanks for help :slight_smile:

An Uno will do just fine.

thanks a lot ! so i'm on my way to by one Uno :slight_smile:

a last question, if I get at the end something like 30 potentiometers to track, will I need more than one Uno card ? (my question might be stupid but i'm really starting into electronics hardware...)

You can only measure 6 analogue devices (like potentiometers) directly from one Uno.

If you needed to measure more, you would either need an Arduino Mega, or more than one Uno, or some external A to D converters.