Which Arduino for RS232 applications.

Hi all,

First of all, I’m totally new here and I’m currently investigating if Arduino could be the right solution for me.

Basically what I would need is 2 or more serial connections and a couple of normal analog inputs.

What I want to do is the folowing:

Device1 <-> Arduino <-> Device2

The Arduino should read the serial data from device1 and should look for certain commands.
IF such a command is not found THEN it should route the data directly to device2.
IF a certain command IS found, then it should return certain values back to device1 and should not route the data to device2.

As you probably would have seen, normally Device1 is connected to Device2 but I want to add functionality (temp/tilt etc) to this connection without using an extra com-port on Device1.

I hope this all makes some sence and I hope you can give me some advice which chip/module to use.

Thank you in advance,

The basic arduino has only one serial port, but by using the software serial library you can add another. However it is quite software intensive and if you require a fast turn round you had better use the new Arduino Mega, that has four real serial ports.