Which Arduino for this kind of projet ?

Hello !

I'm new to this community !

I wanted to develop a project around Arduino but I don't know which card is better for it.

Here are some important points regarding the project :

  • Need to drive the Arduino using Android
  • Need to link Arduino to Kinect sensor (motion capture)
  • Need to have some Real Time capabilities when communicating
  • Need to have a USB link
  • Need to communicate Wireless in the 2 directions (Input AND output)

Which kind of card is better ?

Thanks in advance for your help and your time !

I started with Arduino UNO, and I was able to perform the following experiments:

1. Android based Smart Phone and Bluetooth Modules HC5
2. Bi-directional radio communication using HC12
3. Parallel LCd and I2C LCD
4. One-wire bus compatible DHT22 type temperature and humidity sensor
5. LM35 analog type temperature sensor
6. DS18B20 type digital 1-Wire Bus compatible sensor
7. SPI Bus compatible SD Card Interfacing
8. MPU6050 3-axis accelerometer and 3-axis gyroscope
9. UART communication with PC using asyn TTL <—>RS232 <—> USB link.
and so many other experiments combining two or more dissimilar sensors together.

There are Arduino MEGA, NANO, DUE and many other varieties; but, the UNO is the most popular one!

An Uno is the best starter Arduino because most software and add-ons work with it.


Thanks for your answers !

It seems that the Uno is the best to start but it needs some add-ons cards in order to communicate with Bluetooth protocol, etc...

I just asked myself if there is an Arduino card that already integrates all the component to communicate bi-directionnaly using wireless protocols.

Thanks again !