Which Arduino IDE for Linux Mint?

The Linux Mint "Software Manager" shows multiple choices for installing
Arduino (Reviews = 4 1/2 stars)
Arduino IDE (Reviews = 3 1/2 stars)
Arduino Builder (Reviews = no stars)
Arduino Core (Reviews = no stars)
The Question: Which of these is the "official" Arduino IDE for Linux Mint?

Thanks for any help.


I go direct to arduino.cc and download it from there
You just have to extract the file in to a folder and you can run it from there (i.e. no install required)
Note: If it fails to see your arduino it is probably a rights issue with the serial port

BTW - You might like to consider using the "portable" option as this keeps all your config/libraries etc. inside this same folder and makes backing up your setup or copying it to another machine very easy.
see: https://www.arduino.cc/en/Guide/PortableIDE

There is no official Arduino IDE package in any package manager. They are all maintained by 3rd parties. Some of them are very outdated. Most, if not all, have been modified in unknown ways in order to meet the requirements for addition into the package repository, and sometimes these modifications cause unique problems.

The only source of official Arduino IDE is the "Software" page here on this website, as alanesq described:

Alan, I did as you instructed and downloaded the Arduino IDE from Arduino.cc
Extracted the file and placed the folder on the Linux Mint Desktop

Then followed the link you provided...

to use the "portable" option

The Arduino IDE launched on the Linux Mint box so that's great!

Then I followed the instructions to...
Installing the ESP32 Board in Arduino IDE (Windows, Mac OS X, Linux)
from this LINK

Then I ran the test they suggested to have the ESP32 scan for WiFi signals.
It worked on my Win10 box but I got errors on the Linux Mint machine...

Problem 1:
First thing the WiFi code wanted to do was include the file WiFi.h
But instead of including WiFi.h from the Libraries folder at...

it used WiFi.h from...
(But... when I look there I do not see WiFi.h)

Question 1:
I thought once I created the "portable" directory in...
That the Arduino IDE was smart enough to create a new library folder there and stuff the library files in there... so I can just copy the Arduino folder to a thumb drive and launch from another Linux Mint box... right?

Problem 2:
I also got a prompt...
exec: "python": executable file not found in $PATH

I'm not that experienced with Linux Mint and do not know if Python comes with the default installation... if you don't know I'll run that down on the Linux Mint board.

However... I think the example code is written in C or C++... not Python... so that confused me too.

Sorry for the long post but I'm hoping for some help getting going on Linux Mint.

Thanks for any help.


Yes, once you have created the "portable" folder then everything should be installed inside the folder you copied the Arduino files to
Did you already have arduino ide installed from somewhere else before trying this? Maybe this is upsetting it?

Not sure what the Python error is but if you Google "linux arduino python path" there seems to be several forums discussing this problem.

This is normal and expected. The home/me/Desktop/arduino-1.8.14/libraries/WiFi is a library for the long since retired Arduino WiFi Shield. That library would never work with your ESP32. The ESP32 boards platform comes with its own version of the WiFi library, which is specifically written for the ESP32 software. The Arduino IDE is smart enough to guess which of the two libraries should be used when compiling for the ESP32 boards (all the boring details here if you are interested).

Because the IDE guesses wrong about which library to use on some rare occasions, it does shown a helpful informational message that tells you there were multiple libraries and which one it used. As long as the IDE picked the expected library, you can just ignore that message.

It's under the src subfolder:
The reason is that this library has the "1.5 library format"

You need to create the portable folder under the Arduino IDE installation folder. From your previous mention of "home/me/Desktop/arduino-1.8.14", it seems that you have the IDE installed at home/me/Desktop/arduino-1.8.14, so you must create the folder home/me/Desktop/arduino-1.8.14/portable in order to put the Arduino IDE in portable mode.

This issue is specific to the ESP32 platform. The developers expect users to already have Python installed, in the path, and accessible as python.

You're right about the example code. However, the upload (and maybe build also, I can't remember) process on the ESP32 is managed by a Python script. It is to run this script that Python is needed. But the Python code is never used as firmware on the ESP32 board. It only facilitates the process of compiling and flashing the C++/C/Arduino code.

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