Which Arduino needed for high voltage TMCM-1180 PD86-1180 ?

Hello All,

I’m new to this world but very enthusiastic. Please forgive my ignorance.
For my project a friend recommended this motor based on it’s characteristics.
TMCM-1180 PD86-1180, 1-axis stepper controller / driver 5.5A RMS/ 24 or 48V DC USB, RS232, RS485, and CAN.

Is it possible to control/program this with Arduino. It needs to follow a basic program and accept two sensor inputs.
This motor has Trinamic software but I want to use Arduino because it’s a lot easier to program for one.

A retailer told me that the Motor Shield R3 65189 plus UNO would work but looks like the motor’s voltage is rated much higher than that.
Any guidance would be greatly appreciated! I attached the motor’s manual for more info.

Stuttgart, Germany

It is a very specific stepper motor (costing a awesome amount of money, 646 euros) and it comes with a microcontroller and driver inside.
Because of that, it has a lot of features, like current control, stall detection and so on.
Perhaps it was recommended because of all those features ?

Why do you need such an expensive stepper motor ?

Now you want the get rid of the electronics of the stepper motor, throw away all the features and build your own ?
That doesn't seem right to me. If you have more knowledge about stepper motors and have better test equipment than the manufacturer, you could give it a try.

Either use it as it is, and control it with RS232 or RS485, or buy a "normal" stepper motor and a motor driver and an Arduino to generate the signals for the stepper motor.

That "Motor Shield R3 65189" motor driver seems to be for motors up to 12V. It will be okay for most motors, but not the 24/48V motor.

Thank you for your input!
You are correct about this motor. We are in a time crunch and couldn't find
an alternative with the same performance curve. A friend who is helping with the
programming is confident in her abilities using Arduino as the driver as opposed to the
proprietary Assembler language.

If any of you have a suggestion for a motor with similar characteristics and a compatible
Arduino platine I would be very grateful for your input! There might be time to
return this set-up :wink:


I don’t know which characteristics you need.
The size (NEMA 34) or the holding torque of 7Nm or the step of 1.8 degrees ?

Not the 256 microsteps per step, because that is created in the buildin electronics.

You can search for “stepper nema 34” to find compatible stepper motors.
Many have a torque of 8.7Nm.
They cost between 70 and 700 euros.

Thank you. Yes high torque 3Nm at 2000 rpm was our goal.
Thanks for the stepper nema 34 suggestion as well!

Price for TMCM-1180 is 427$ ? plus motor

including motor, yes