hi, i'm wondering what the consensus is about which is the best board to start with ? i have a breadboard & an ATmega 168 that i got from nerd kits. it was a good introduction & i enjoyed it greatly but you only get to do a couple of projects before they say 'work it out yourself'. as a complete novice i found that a little difficult. arduino looks like a very complete setup with lots of scope to learn & lots of details for the frail of confidence.

so, where to start ?

So many models available from both Arduino and 3rd party clone (and enhanced) models that it's hard to say which is best for you. I would recommend to stay with a model that uses the 328 chip that is socketed. That way if you damage the chip a simple $6 replacement (with bootloader installed) will fix it up.

Just for comparing prices and features below are a couple of links to sellers, but not local to you. :wink:

I really like Seeeduinos boards:


Down in Australia, I'd look here

Nice idea making some space right on the board for a socket or several for parts.

You should choose Arduinio Uno it is the newest model and is about 34.00 but i like it better becuse i when on makershed.com and got theier 75 dollor kit with the usb,uno,getting started book,and a ton of componets.