Which Arduino to use with GPS Shield Logger v1.0


I was just wondering, if I have the arduino GPS Shield Logger v1.0, which arduinos would work best with it? I have access to an arduino uno r3, but it looks like it has a different number of pins than the gps shield (arduino has 8/10, 6/8, and the shield has 8/8, 6/6). Is there any way that you could still use the r3 with the shield, even though the pins are a bit different? Or do I have to find a different arduino?

Thank you so much for your help!


The shield will fit any Arduino that takes shields. The 8/10 that you refer to is 8 pins then a gap then 10 pins, right? The two extra pins, if you'd looked, are (well, OK hard to see on the UNO, but a lot clearer on the Leonardo) SDA and SCL (or copies of the TWI pins). They are not used by most shields, and, when they are, are also on A4 and A5.

How about the 6pins, gap, then 8? I'm not sure what the last one's for but the second last, the 7th pin, says IOREF. Do I need this?