Which arduino to use?

I have a Tagsense ZR USB active rfid reader and ZT 50 active tag and i want to interface both of them to two arduino boards separately. The reader sends out TTL(3.3V) data at a baud rate of 57600 bps ,no parity,1 stop bit,no flow control. Now can anyone tell me which the arduino boards to use.

According to the description it uses USB for data and power. You need a driver on the PC for the 'virtual' serial port via the USB. It is not possible to install such a driver on the Arduino.

The ZR-232 has a normal serial port, that one can be connected to the Arduino.

Thank You sir for your reply.I'm using the usb to only power the reader.There is a TTL(3.3 V) interface on the board as shown in the manual. http://tagsense.com/images/stories/products/activereaders/ZR-100-long-range-Embedded-Reader-data-brief-v1.pdf I will interface the TX and RX pin to the arduino for serial communication.Now sir please tell me which arduino boards will be best for the reader and tag i am using(pls refer to my first post for the baud rate).

I assumed you had the "Tagsense ZR USB", but now you say "ZR-100". Be sure to use the TTL 3V-level serial pins, not the high level RS232.

The normal serial port on the Arduino boards is also used for uploading a sketch. You can use that port, but you would have to disconnect the ZR-100 every time you want to upload a sketch. There is however a library for a software implementation to create a serial port on any pin: http://arduino.cc/en/Reference/SoftwareSerial The 57600 is a high baudrate. It might work with SoftwareSerial, but I would use that baudrate with a hardware serial port.

You can use the Arduino Leonardo or the Arduino Micro (the Micro is a small Leonardo). http://arduino.cc/en/Main/arduinoBoardLeonardo http://arduino.cc/en/Main/arduinoBoardMicro The Arduino Leonardo has a hardware serial port "Serial1" on pin 0 and 1. It is a special board for USB mouse and keyboard emulation, but you don't have to use that.

Or you can use the larger Arduino Mega 2560 http://arduino.cc/en/Main/arduinoBoardMega2560 It has 4 hardware serial ports, the first one is used to upload a sketch.

So far no problem. Connecting the 3.3V RX and TX to an Arduino is a problem. There are a few things unknown. Sometimes the signals are 5V tolerant. Sometimes the RX and TX are exchanged. Sometimes the RX and TX are inverted. Sometimes the Arduino is able to read a 3.3V signal, and sometimes not. Sometimes the RX of a device that is also connected to a high level RS232 has be overruled with a low impedance signal.

Since the Leonardo has LVTTL, it accepts a 3.3V digital input. I think you have to connect the TX of the ZR-100 via a resistor of 1k (for safety) to the pin 0 RX of the Leonardo. And connect the RX of the ZR-100 via a resistor divider to pin 1 TX of the Leonardo. The resistor divider could be 4k7 to ground, 3k3 to pin 1, and in the middle of the resistors to the ZR-100.

did you end up getting this to work?