which arduiono for trigger buttons

i am a musician from istanbul, turkey. and i am going to make a very simple installation. there will be 10-15 trigger buttons and each time you push that buttons they trigger and play some audio samples from pure data patch.

i think i can find the buttons and other necessary things from local stores around. but i cant choose which arduino board works for me. can you show me the right one or a kit with buttons included (if it is cheap)? is the arduiono uno enough?

thanks for the help


One simple way to do this would be with an R-2R resistor ladder. On a Uno you could run your 15 buttons from probably just two analog input pins if you use this method. There are lots of explanations online, like this instructable which shows an 8 button array (make two of those and you're set).

This explanation by John Boxall shows how to setup an R-2R resistor ladder such that it can read more than one button at a time too.

Good luck ! Geoff

thanks for the explanation!!