Which audrino chip to buy?

Absolute noob. NO idea what chip to buy for starting a new hobby in audrino. Want it to be wifi enabled, bluetooth enabled , would help if it can also accept a battery pack. Wanting to make a small on off switch controlled from web but then want to go more complex later. Can anyone help me out here, i am so confused... =(

Want it to be wifi enabled

None of the Arduinos are WiFi enabled. You need a shield for that.

bluetooth enabled

There was a bluetooth enabled Arduino, but it was not popular, and has been dropped from the line. There are bluetooth devices that can be connected to the Arduino.

would help if it can also accept a battery pack.

That would be all of them.

Can anyone help me out here, i am so confused...

And you think that once you pick a board, your problems will be over?

For a noob just starting off I would always suggest getting the standard Uno board first. And before buying a bunch of extra stuff at first, just spend time learning to use the arduino IDE and learning the C++ programming language it uses and then writing simple sketches to do simple things like controlling leds and reading switches, etc. There are several nice 'arduino starter packages' that will give you all the little extra things needed to gain a good electronics experience before you venture off into wireless, wifi, and bluetooth projects. Learn as you go rather then just assemble premade modules and using other peoples sketches and you will gain much knowledge and experience.

Good luck; Lefty

If you are wanting to do higher level things like control from the web, then something like a Raspberry PI might be more useful and worth considering. http://www.raspberrypi.org/ The PI runs linux so you can use higher level languages and have support for things like ethernet, wifi dongles, and web server support. The PI also has built in filesystem support using an SD card as well as video and audio capabilities.

You can hook 3v things up to the PI directly off the i/o expansion port/connector, but for simple things you could use firmata to allow the PI to control the pins on an Arduino type board like a Teensy. http://www.pjrc.com/teensy/ using the USB port and cable between the PI and the Teensy.

From a cost perspective, getting an arduino board to support ethernet or wifi will cost more than a Raspberry PI and the PI will have considerably more memory and horsepower and allow you to write things in python, Java or a variety of scripting languages.

Just some additional information to consider.

--- bill