Which battery do i choose?

i want to power an arduino UNO R3 which contains GPS sensor, distance detector, Bluetooth module and Gyroscope.
I don't really know what to choose for a battery.
Can you help me please.
Thanks in advance.

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  • measure the current consumption
  • decide how long you want the device to be able to run on battery
  • do the math and take some margin as the battery spec might be overstated

so i have to calculate the current and voltage consumption of all the sensors i am going to use including those of the arduino board?

  • GPS Sensor is around 50mA
  • Distance sensor is around 30-50mA
  • JDY-08 Bluetooth is around 10mA or the ESP8266 is around 70mA but spikes to 450mA on boot
  • 50mA for the Uno itself.

But all those values depend on how you program it and how you connect it.

@J-M-L is right, just build it and test it. Choose the battery after you have better information about your specific needs.

Is this machine going to be attached to a person or a vehicle of some kind? I'm curious because you have the GPS sensor and the gyroscope but no motors.

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You could calculate it, but far far better to actually measure the current used.

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thank you for this information, in fact I am trying to recover data from a vehicle during a backstroke such as its instantaneous speed, its position and its inclines.

Make sure to properly secure everything rigidly to the vehicle and to calibrate your sensors and zero your readings to be sure your data is as accurate as possible.

Get something cheap like this from your favorite online retailer:
It's good enough for your purposes and it's mobile so you can check your readings in the field.

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what it is called please ?

Digital Voltmeter Ammeter DC

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Note that the UNO and the other parts you use operate on 5 V supplied to the "5V" pin (but not while plugged into the PC via USB) so you need to find a suitable supply. A pack of four NiMH "AA" cells is a likely candidate, otherwise you would require some sort of switchmode regulator.

How long do you need the battery supply to last?

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