Which board: Light control system

I am looking to use an arduino board with 5 IR / Ultrasonic sensors to detect movement and a photo-resistor to detect light to switch on and off 5 LED solar lamps in turn as something passes each of them. Which board would you recommend I use for this?

I would be tempted to use one "Arduino" per lamp. You can debug the code with an Arduino UNO and then use a nearly bare ATmega328P chip ($2.95) for the final implementation. Get a "USBasp" ISP programmer from eBay for $4. Get ultrasonic distance sensors from FastTech for $1.96: http://www.fasttech.com/product/1012007

I'd rather link them as a complete system as theyre for a university project and i will be using the sensors to calculate the speed of movement and turn the lights on and off as a vehicle for instance passes by the range of that light, saving energy (the aim of my project)
To me this board looks like it could be good due to having a large number of analogue ports and digital ports

Five inputs for sensors, one output if you are using ultrasonic “ping” sensors, one analog input for light level, five outputs.

Sounds like a UNO/ Pro Mini to me.