Which board shold I use for 32x128 RGB Led matrix?

Hi! I just ordered 2 32x64 boards (connecting together to 32x128) so I guess Uno doesnt work due small memory so which board should I buy?
Wanted only display text, no graphics controlled by a pc (using for rc with lapcounter).

Well, I guess i have to use a Due or Mega board should work for 32x128 Matrix board?
32x128=4096 led, then every led use about 3 byte so 4096x3=12 288 bytes (13kB) so Mega should work because that do have 512 kB memory? Do I have right?

Mega has 8K bytes SRAM, 256K bytes flash.

'1284P has 16K SRAM, 128K flash.

Do you need the patterns or whatever to be stored in SRAM (where you can change it), or just from flash (where the patterns are fixed)?

I thinking its best patterns should be stored in flash and only using text (like ABCabc) in 3 or 4 lines and communications by COM (thru USB).

There is some command that using for scoreboard (using text).

A example $*9999# send to make board clear.

Anyway I have ordered a Mega and test with a 32x64, then another test with 32x128, if everything goes well that can use for race informations of positions during race. :wink:

It's been a year, but any news on the process? I'd like to try a similar thing.