Which Board to buy??


I learn at my study Embedded Sytems and so i am interested to do something like that. The teacher told me about Arduino and therefore i am here…

I looked around the page and found out that different boards are to buy. But which is suitable for me?
I want a board for a beginner and so the “Arduino BT” is a little bit to expensive (EUR 90,-)

What is the difference to “Arduino Decimilia” ? Because this only costs EUR 26,-

Thanks in advance!

Hi Manfred, welcome to the Arduino!

The Arduino BT has Bluetooth to wirelessly connect to your computer for loading the sketches you program, or for passing data between the Arduino and your computer. Arduino Decimilia does not have a wireless connection, it uses a standard USB connector.

If you don’t need the wireless capability then I would recommend starting of with the much less expensive Decimilia board.

Thank you for this information!