Which Board to use in this project?

I want to make a LED Project.

LED strip 5V
LED ring 5V

Both LEDs connected to the board.
Project should be portable so a battery or something like that.

Which board should I use in your opinion?
Is it necessary that I have 2 Batterys? One for the board and one for the LEDs?

A classic Nano board is a nice compromise between size and ease of use. No need for separate batteries but do not power the LEDs from the board, connect them directly to the battery

How many LEDs do you propose to use ? The number will influence the battery you choose

Thx for your help.
The Led Ring has 12 leds and the led strip 40-50 leds.
Which battery should I use in your opinion? Is it possible to charge the batteries via micro usb connection from the board? I have seen a ESP32 with intern lipo Charger but I dont think that the lipo can power the leds.


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