which board works and extra parts best work for my project?

My project needs are to read the value of 3 o 4 pots, store them in at least 4 different ways, switch between thru a bottom and thru midi.

What more than a Arduino board do I need? I think I will get the Uno Rev 3 for the initial project (and to have the possibility of expanding and making other stuff) but is there a simpler board to make future project copy's than the Uno Rev 3?


You can make your own board if you want with just the components you need look up arduino on a breadboard It is easy to use the atmega328 in a standalone project, basically just the chip(6$), (2) 22pF caps,.1 uF cap, 16mhz crystal and a reset switch and you can make your own arduino board You could also get an arduino mini or nano for a premade smaller device

It's good to know that I can do it with something simpler. I order the Arduino Uno R3 today and it should be here bay the end of the week, so no it's time to start reading on how it works!