Which board

I'm sorry, I'm sure this question comes up frequently. I hope you will forgive that.

I am looking to start a project where i am going to control up to five stepper motors. I would also like to interface with the arduino board from my linux machine. Would Arduino Due be the right choice?

chodk: up to five stepper motors.

You need to figure out how you're going to drive them before you pick the Arduino. You'll need to use some sort of motor shield or external driver circuit. The shields I've seen would only support a single stepper, but I'm sure there are others that support more. There's a section of the forum dedicated to that sort of thing and you might get better results asking a more specific question there.

You could look into using 2 boards like this

Check the fit before adding the DB2 connector in case the boards interfere with each other.

Due might be overkill, depends what else your code will be doing.

Ill recomend, any arduino whit a DIP atmega, like UNO or duemilanove, this have some advantages, u can easy move to stand alone, just take the chip from ur arduino and make a custom PCB; u can use it as ISP programmer and u can use the RS232 interfaz whit ur custom board.

Thank you for your advice. It's a bit late here, I will look into them tomorrow. Thanks again