Which book should I move on to?

I have completed the Arduino Projects Book in the Official arduino.cc Starter Kit.
I am thinking of moving on into either of two books,

  1. Arduino Cookbook, by O'reilly Media.
  1. Programming Interactivity, by O'Reilly Media.

However, which book should I start with first? If not, could you please recommend me another book?
Thank you.

Sorry I've never even read the " Arduino Projects Book" so I don't know what level of understanding it gets you to. I think you'd be better off thinking of a real life project of your own to embark on and trying to implement what you've picked up already. When you run into problems. Post what you have and the nature of what you're struggling with and you'll get some real practical advice.

How about a book that gets more into hardware design?

MrsCrossroads & I are the authors.
Print & Kindle version available.