Which cables to use with pwm backlight


I am making a portable laptop.
I am using a display that can connect to hdmi and various other devices.

I have everything working, but the back-light brightness is very bright.

The display does have options to set the brightness and contrast etc. But if i change this
this seems to only affect the colors and not the back-light it self.

Because i want to spare battery and be able to custom change the back-light. I looked for a way to modify this.

I have figured , when removing the cables shown in this picture :


The display turns off. When i put a flashlight behind the LCD i can clearly see the colors and images on the screen. So these cables should only affect the back-light it self.

What i want is to put a PWM between these cables to control this display's brightness from the back-light.

My problem is that i have no experience with hardware in any way. So i have no clue which cables i should attach to the PWM, nor do i know what these cables/colors mean.

I think that the cables are default for a back-light. But i have to find an pro that knows what these cables mean.

Does someone here known which cables to use and what kind of voltage etc the PWM should be ?

There is a manual for the display which shows some information about it. I could not find which cables i need, but maybe i am reading it wrong.

This manual can be found here :


The display :


I really appreciate help !!!