Which Components Do I Need To Set Up LED Light (Ultra High Density DotStar LED PCB Bar - 128 LEDs)?


I would like to set up an LED light (Ultra High Density DotStar LED PCB Bar - 128 LEDs) in the simplest, aesthetically pleasing setup possible, with little to no wiring protruding out of the setup and preferably little to no bread board, if possible.

I would like to have the LED light operate on an Arduino chip separately on its own from a computer, powered with a battery.

What options do I have, and what should I buy?

Thank you so much!

Please post link to the stuff You intend to use.

Please describe your aesthetic sensibilities.

Here is the link to the LED light that I would like to use:

This is the battery that would power the entire setup:

By "simplest aesthetically pleasing setup," I mean that there should be minimum amount of wiring and taking up the smallest amount of space.

What other components would I need to make the entire thing work in the way that I would like for it to? Thank you so much!