Which Components Do I Need To Set Up LED Light (Ultra High Density DotStar LED PCB Bar - 128 LEDs)?


I would like to set up an LED light (Ultra High Density DotStar LED PCB Bar - 128 LEDs) in the simplest, aesthetically pleasing setup possible, with little to no wiring protruding out of the setup and preferably little to no bread board, if possible.

I would like to have the LED light operate on an Arduino chip separately on its own from a computer, powered with a battery.

What options do I have, and what should I buy?

Thank you so much!

Please post link to the stuff You intend to use.

Please describe your aesthetic sensibilities.

Here is the link to the LED light that I would like to use:

This is the battery that would power the entire setup:


By "simplest aesthetically pleasing setup," I mean that there should be minimum amount of wiring and taking up the smallest amount of space.

What other components would I need to make the entire thing work in the way that I would like for it to? Thank you so much!

Hello? Can anyone help me? Thank you so much

I am trying to use Ultra High Density DotStar LED PCB Bar -128 LEDs to light up a sculptural painting from top and bottom. I would like for the wiring and the arduino setup to be neatly contained in a small format and hidden from view, behind the frame of the artwork. I would like for it to operate on battery.

What do I need to buy to achieve this setup, other than the PCB bar and the external battery?

Thank you so much

Why do You repeat the initial question?

because no one replies to me.

Why don't You reply to replies #2, #3, #4?
This way help is far away.

Please read the first topic telling how to get the best from this Forum.

umm, reply #4 is mine. I replied to your posts, but then no one replied to my post (#4) for several days. That's why I made another post (#5) to get more attention to this thread.

Correct, my mistake referring to #4. Corrected it as soon as I could.
Did You read the advice given in the very first topic, how to get the best from this Forum?
There are some demands for engineering arguments. No one responds to questions like, sorry for the comparison, "mama help me".
No circuits designs are given, no code is given. You need to work out design, wiring and code. Then Forum steps in giving help, advice.

how do I work out a design when I don't even know what components I need to make the project work out?

How can I write the codes when I don't even have the components with me, and I still can't understand how the breadboard works? You are being rather harsh with a newbie.

Would this work?

Thank you so much

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