Which DC motor to use

I need help in choosing the correct DC motor working in 12v supply.

It should be capable of moving a load of nearly 6kg.

The project is a seed sowing machine which can hold about 4kg of seed. The remaining setup will sum up to ~2kg.

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How will you drive the 6kg load?
Via a gearbox, winch drum, screw-thread, camshaft or direct on the motor shaft.

All this and more will be necessary to spec your motor.
Speed and torque.

Can you post a diagram showing how the motor and the sowing machine is connected physically?

Thanks.. Tom... :slight_smile:

Any motor can move any load, given the right gearing, though it might be rather slow.

You need to determine the power or torque needed for the task, and the rpm on the shaft doing the work,
power = torque x speed (in watts, newton-metres and radian/second respectively)