Which display RA8875 or SSD1963 would be better for my project (5" 800x400)


posted similar question 3 days ago and I didn't get any replies but I could really use some guidance here. I have read some very conflicting reports on these two display. The SSD1963 is fast because of the 16bit interface and has built in fonts. The RA8875 has built in fonts and graphics but is slower because of the SPI interface, however you can specify a parallel interface. My understanding was that with built in graphics and fonts it should be as quick as the card display processor? so it shouldn't make any difference what interface is used unless you're writing stuff to the screen which is not rendered by the display processor? After looking again at the two different displays there is not enough difference in the price to make a decision. If the SPI is fast enough, as all the graphics I need are all supported by the RA8875, then then this might be the best option. I also might need some fonts which don't come with either display so would have to be added. The SSD1963 appears to be better suited to this but when I read through the RA8875 datasheet it explains that extra fonts can be loaded through an external font chip but how is this done?