which display type ?

So im working on a project where I have one Arduino controlling 4 motors and also a HC-SR04 Ultrasound range finder

Its simply using Serial.println to write in CM the range to nearest object

ok so I want it to send that data using the Hc-05 Wireless Bluetooth module to a second Arduino which is acting as the remote control for the robot

So I Have worked out how to link the two Arduino boards together using two of them and have worked out to do pretty much everything but im not sure how the second board should display this data either on an lcd panel or a 4 digit 7 segment display board ?

was curious what others felt was the more easy thing to program for ?

I would go with an LCD. An LCD is probably easier to program for as there are libraries for most any display that you choose. An LCD will consume much less power than and LED display. LED display character sets are very limited in comparison with LCDs. Which LCD would depend on your current and future requirements for display of data. Will the displayed data just be characters? Or, now or in the future will you want graphics? monochrome or color?