which driver should i prefer

hey there!........i am using NEMA 23 stepper motor for my project, but i can't decide which driver should use?
here are some spec. of motor

Voltage : 12-36V
Current : 3.2 A DC
Torque : 10.1 Kg-cm
Step Angle : 1.8 deg / step

i tried A4988 but it get damaged as its operating current is 2A. I am using 12V 3A power supply.

It's hard to damage an A4988. It's a current-limited driver so using a 1A driver on a 3A motor is OK. Ordinarily, yes, a 3A motor would destroy a 1A controller but not in this case.

Stupid things like unplugging the motor while it's powered up are usually what destroys those chips.

You just need to find a 3A controller. Google isn't working today? A larger controller may be used but only if it has an adjustable current limit.

For that motor I would use a driver that can handle 4 or 5 amps to provide a little headroom. Unfortunately they are a lot more expensive.

An A4988 can only provide a bit more than 1 amp without overheating.

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is L298N or DRV8825 will be good????....... if i run the motor on 2A instead of 3A.
will it affect the motor motor torque or speed?

The L298 is totally unsuitable - it is intended for DC motors.

A DRV8825 will probably struggle at 2 amps and your motor torque will be significantly reduced. Presumably you chose that motor because your project needs the torque so at lower currents it may not work at all.