Which E-reader and why

The end of the year is near and I am thinking about buying an E-reader.
I have mainly PDF's - tech books, datasheets, reports and some novels.

point of attention

  • led light
  • easy interface to add books in a structure, not a flat long list of books.
  • search option in books or so would be great
  • quick swap while retaining the read position.
  • making notes would be nice
  • audio would be nice to have

What are your experiences?

You mean like a Kindle or similar?

I bought a Kindle and found it quite poor for displaying user PDFs. By poor I mean, almost unreadable.

For content in a more supported format it would do a good job. But to get it into that format could take a bit of work. If you just want to download and display existing PDFs (eg. datasheets) I wouldn't bother, unless they have improved it somewhat. I can't speak for other brands.

Tablet? I don't own a tablet or an e-reader, but seems like an obvious question. A tablet would cost more, but would be more versatile?

Yeah - I'd go with a tablet myself. I've got a nice Android tablet that I picked up cheap from computergeeks.com before they shut down their online store; I think I paid $129.00 USD or so for it.

I had a particular set of specs I wanted - but mainly, I wanted it to have WiFi, GPS, and a camera - it ended up having that, plus two cameras (front and rear), plus the ability to drop in a couple of SIM cards (so, in theory, you can use it as a phone!).

I looked far and wide for something like this from the "big name" manufacturers of android tablets, particularly the Motorola Zoom and Acer's line of tablets - and I could not find one that had everything - most of the android tablets would have everything I wanted - except GPS - even for a tablet costing hundreds of dollars. I just don't get it.

Though maybe things have changed since then.

Anyhow - I read PDFs and other ebook formats just fine with it, plus I can access the web via wifi, read email, etc. IIRC, it has Ice Cream Sandwich on it - plus it also has USB OTG (so in theory I could do Android/Arduino stuff, though I have never tried it).

Today - you should be able to find a very capable and cheap Android tablet for around $100.00 with a capactive touch screen (don't get resistive, whatever you do!), camera, wifi, Android 4.0 (and up), with more than enough memory and speed to handle PDFs and everything else. Drop a large micro-SD card on it (32 gig or so, whatever is the max the tablet can use), and you'll have a great e-reader and everything else machine at hand. If you shop around, you might even get lucky and find one with GPS as well, if that is important to you (I had wanted GPS to allow me to use it as an "all-in-one" portable device that I could carry in my truck on a mount, and have GPS maps, plus MP3 playback - oh yeah, that's another thing my tablet has - FM radio pickup -and- transmit capability - so I could playback MP3s in my truck without needing a fancy audio hookup for my stock stereo).

i've got a one years old kindle and it never disapointed me,given the fact that it is black and white. used with some atmel and some st datasheet, not much more, i like the "taste" of paper when there is the option

edit: @cr0sh an andorid tablet with eink screen, and maybe even phone capability is what i'm looking for. Fruck the fancy color, i want battery life!

The iPad's iBooks app works pretty well on datasheets, and has reasonable file structuring and connections to other apps (the browser, having found and displayed a pdf, will have an "open in iBooks" button.
The biggest problem I have with it is that it doesn't seem to let me rename files!

OTOH, I don't know that I'd actually BUY an iPad; they're awfully expensive. (I won mine in a contest!)

I think that the problem with kindles (at least the eInk ones) is that they're designed to have an "approximately paperback" sized screen, while most datasheets are "approximately notebook" sized. There is no way that that's going to work very well. It's likely to be a problem with many of the smaller tablets, too...

oh, i see your complain now, you have to visualize the page at full size and navigate trough it to look at some image.

edit: @cr0sh an andorid tablet with eink screen, and maybe even phone capability is what i'm looking for. Fruck the fancy color, i want battery life!

You might be interested to read this:

naaa, pratically low ram, and no GPRS/HDSPA/3G support...
found it!! (there wasn't some month ago) this: http://www.yotaphone.com/#/en/techspecs/

edit: not quite, you use it from anormal screen

Bought a KOBO reader, easy to use, nice size, easy to load epubs, cheaper for the wife to buy all the Dean Koontz and James Patterson books she likes.
Keeps her happy, hence me happy. (most important reason)

Tom... :slight_smile: