which firmware to install for ezlcd


I just purchased an (ezLCD+ Arduino UNO) and Im not having handshake during termie connection when firmware ezlcd 304 installed. Please note that it doesn't have arclib for filesystem.
How will i know which firmware to install?( elzlcd 301 or ezlcd 303 or 304 or 313..etc)


That might depend on exactly which "ezLCD + Arduino UNO" you have. Where did you get it?

Purchased it from Arduino store in UK. Is there something to worry?

This is the only "ezLCD" I could find in the Arduino store. Is this the one?

yes. it is this one. Following manual instruction, I installed the file system ezLCD 304 and update the firmware. But when I tired communicating through Termie(CLS, PLAY STARTUP, PING), there is no response.