Which Gyro for the task


In my previous post I was writing about my problems with MPU6050. Since I haven't found any useful solution yet. I'm thinking to maybe try with some other gyro.

Usage: In a gaming dice, to find out on which side it landed.

This are the features that I would probably need:

  • Detecting object position in 3D space within 1sec (if I throw a dice I can wait 1 second until sensor read its position)
  • No need for accelerometer data
  • Calibration (offsets) possible only when circuit is being assembled.
  • Accurate position with out drifting - if I tilt object at 45degrees gyroscope should report 45degrees Today or after 10 years (this seems to be a big problem to MPU6050).
  • Small form factor (similar to mpu6050)
  • sleep mode
  • motion detection (when motion is detected interrupt is sent) - if it would be detected within 1sec it would be fine
  • small power consumptions

Any suggestions?

A rate gyroscope is a the wrong device for determining orientation with respect to gravity. If you want to know what side is UP, use an accelerometer.

Thanks for the quick response.

Although name appears that it will only measure acceleration from it's movement, it really looks that you can use it to determine roll/pitch with it (based on 1g from earth)! :)

That is really nice info. Thanks John!

Now I just need to find some good accelerometer IC (breakout board) - with interrupt (on movement) and low power consumption.

Any idea? :)

Many accelerometer chips provide an interrupt on free-fall. They were used in laptops to park the hard disk head when the laptop was falling. Since dice being tossed fall through the air that might be a valid signal of a throw.

If the dice hits the desk you get a large peak(s) in acceleration (deceleration). When dice is laying on the desk then the landing side orientation is easy to get ( +1g is down).