Which Hardware for new project


Need some help which hardware to use.

I need to exite two sensors with 2.5 Volt, delay for 10 MS measure and send the data via and SMS to server every 6 hours. Also need to go into a sleep mode between measurements to save battery life and measure a flowmeter pulses (switch closures) in die sleepmode.

The sleepmode must use less than 0.1 mA of power.

All help will be appreciated.


Any Arduino should be able to do the measuring and sending. But you need to post a link to the datasheet for the sensors.

The smaller boards with the fewest components would probably use the least amount of power when sleeping.


The flowmeter output is a switch closure from a plastic kent flowmeter and the two other sensor specs is:

10 ms (milliseconds)
OUTPUT 300 - 1250 mV, independent of excitation voltage
POWER REQUIREMENTS 3 VDC @ 12 mA to 15 VDC @ 15 mA


You did not post a link to the datasheet so I don't know what "measurement time" means. But it looks like yhe Arduino just needs to read the voltage which should not be a problem.

I had missed the point about counting pulses while asleep. I think you can arrange for the pulse to wake up the Atmega 328 from sleep. Do you know the width (in microsecs) of a pulse ?