Which hardware trigger should I choose for synchronization 3kHz multiple cameras with python support


I work on system for double 3D systems with 6 cameras
System requirements are:
at least 1000 fps for 3D vibration process inspections
synchronization of all cameras.

1st and 2nd 3D sensor consist of:
two b/w Baumer cameras vlxt-06M.I - for 3D measurement
one color Baumer (not chosen yet) - just for color visualization with overlayed 3d vectors. - here 25 -30 fps (but synchronized with each i.e 40th trigger for B/W cameras

Pictures will be recorded using python (but it also may be different language)
and later post processed in external software with python support (after calibration and importing all the images to one common and consist coordinate system)

My problem for now is to chose best hardware trigger option with support for python or similar.

I think arduino with pwm support should be enough.
What is your opinion ?


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