Which is better GPS Module?

I want to create a project using gps in arduino. Can someone plz help me in deciding that which of Neo-6M and Neo-M8N is better?

I intend to use it indoors as well.

Thanks for the help

The signal performance of the newer 8 series is slightly better, but the difference is not large.

The 8 series do use a lot less power\current than the older 6 series.

Unwise to plan a project to use a GPS indoors unless you are fully aware of the limitations;

  1. You might not get a GPS fix at all indoors.

  2. It will take a lot longer to get a fix from cold indoors maybe > 15minutes, whereas in the conditions GPSs are really designed for (outdoors) the time for a first fix from cold is around 30-40 seconds (26 according to the datasheet).

  3. Position accuracy is likley to be significantly degraded, even if you do get a fix indoors.

  4. If you do want to use a GPS indoors, performance will be increased if you remove all the walls and ceilings of the building.

things I insist on in my GPS modules:

at least 2 mounting screw holes. one is a pivot. I prefer 4, but I insist on at least 2
provision to add an SMA connector. it's a tin roof thing; external antenna required.

this is the only module I buy: