which is better robot or project, first try with arduino

Well, I was thinking about trying arduino for the first time (Uno R3)..First i was thinking about creating a robot but i have found that it will have a high price so i started to take a look at some basic project..But i've found some very simple projects (controlling LEDs) and some hard ones (or with high price). So I was thinking about asking here for:
-Robot or Project
-If project, then I want some ideas for projects..


If you have no programming experience a Robot will be difficult. Start by learning to program and debug an Arduino using the examples that come with the Arduino IDE.

Experience of debugging programs is almost more important than experience with writing programs because everyone makes mistakes - some simple and silly, others can be complex.

Also, read lots of Threads in the Forum as you will pick up a lot of knowledge that way.


Umm…I wanted to make a project…that could help me in something…because i’m out of ideas…
But i will take a look at the examples…but i’m still thinking that they are very simple.

Umm..I wanted to make a project..that could help me in something..because i'm out of ideas..
But i will take a look at the examples..but i'm still thinking that they are very simple.

I'm not sure if it's the idea they had, but to me it seems like each little tutorial forms a building block. You take each little example and form them into a project with much more complexity ...

Lego I guess :grin:

(...and some people enjoy building new lego builds than others)

Well, also i was thinking about creating a simple Bluetooth controlled car (i have a serial module and a app for controlling) So..Which, car or project..because a project may have some problems in ideas..

a simple Bluetooth controlled car (i have a serial module and a app for controlling)

Have a look at this RemoteXY Thread.


The program that i was talking about is remotexy..Really a great program..Creating a GUI with the buttons you need..Also with in-phone sensors..Really Awesome..For the GUI..I was thinking about a joystick, with G-sensor access in controlling and a Motor on and off (Just like real cars) but my problem is the motor on and off code in the robot

Not sure about your embedded programming and system knowledge but if you don't have much experience in these areas, it seems like you may be trying to start running before you have learned to even stand up much less walk.

There are many complex layers to the large projects you are mentioning.
Anything involving wireless communication ads quite a bit of complexity as it requires writing/using a communications protocol
and also involves s/w at both ends.
That in itself is a non trivial project to ensure robustness and reliability.

There are many smaller projects that you could do that could be used to learn and build knowledge for something larger.

Have a look at the adafruit learning section. They have many sample projects that are great for learning:

Here are some other project ideas that much simpler than a robot projet that can still be quite fun

  • an RGB "orb" (put a RGB led inside a pingpong ball and vary its color)
  • vary the RGB orb color based on reading a temperature sensor
  • use the IR library to control the RGB orb.
  • build a digital clock using seven segment LEDs
  • add alarm functions to the clock
  • build a talking clock using the talkie library.
  • A "simon" type game

etc.. these are just a few examples of the infinite possibilities.

--- bill

The program that i was talking about is remotexy..Really a great program..Creating a GUI with the buttons you need.

Start simple. Just make something that can move forward, stop and move backwards.
When that is working add steering.

When all that is working it will be time to consider other features - such as speed control.

This means each step is manageable and they all build towards the whole project.


@Bperrybap..Super Awesome! How did i forget the simon says game..Also i loved that orb.
The orb's name: Magic Colors Temperature Orb (M.C.T.O) The orb goes red when temp is high and goes blue when temp is low..
The game's name: Arduino Says! Just like any simon says game..Just could have other colors.
(I will do both in my summer vacation)
@Robin2..In my next project, my arduino car will get controlled by remotexy..thanks