Which is the best touch screen for Arduino Uno (Rev3) and Mega ADK now?

I ordered a 2.4 " TFT touch shield from iTeadStudio (http://imall.iteadstudio.com/im120417012.html) and use it with Arduino Uno (R3) and Mega ADK (R3) but they both didn't work under the UTFT library. It seems that Arduino uno or mega has revolved into a new version, so its pin maps have changed and also they are no longer 100% compatible with UTFT library.

After searching about the problem, there seems to be many problems concerning the application of UTFT and touch shield, from 2.4" TFT touch screen, 2.4" TFT touch shield to 2.8 TFT Touch Shield. So do you guys know, for know, which is the best compatible touch screen or shield with current Arduino boards with using UTFT library?