Which is the mdns service used in W10 for OTA updates ?

I have the OTA updates for an ESP working, that is, if i turn off my VPN the moment is start up my laptop, or at least until i open the IDE, and i don't have any Peer to Peer programs (like BitTorrent) running on any of the other devices in my network. (even having P2P on a router that is also connected to the router that i use for OTA updates messes things up) Now of course this isn't always the way i work. I do multiple things at the same time, and when i decide i want to do a (or some) OTA updates to an ESP i end up having to restart my laptop before i can find the port(s). This not very practical, and since i a pretty sure it is caused by the mdns Responder not finding the information required, an easy solution would be to just shut down this service and re-open it. Now Google told me that there is a service called mdnsresponder.exe, but i can find that in my services, and i was wondering if anyone knows what service is taking care of this, or has a more efficient work-around ?

mdnsresponder.exe is part of Bonjour - Apples networking subsystem.

MDNSRepsonder is Bonjour's Multicast Domain Name System Responder.

VPN's can allow or disable split DNS. If disallowed then all DNS resolution is sent through the VPN to the DNS server at the other end. The same applies to split tunnelling, is disabled then all requests are sent out over the VPN so some local services can be inaccessible whilst a VPN is in use.

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