Which LCD screen pin is which?

I’m trying to set up the LCD Screen to scroll text, but the tutorial I’m using lists the pins on the LCD screen by their function (I think). My LCD screen pins aren’t labeled, except with a 1 on one end and a 16 on the other. How do I find which pin is which?

The pins I need are:
LCD RS pin
LCD Enable pin
LCD D4 pin
LCD D5 pin
LCD D6 pin
LCD D7 pin

Can anybody translate this into the numbers 1-16 on the LCD screen part? (I’m talking about the LCD screen that comes with the Arduino starter kit.)

Thank you so much!

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Plus my scheme how i connected it

You are asking for information that is not hard to find, though there seems to not really be a standard or there are lots of manufacturers that like to have their own “standard”.

I’ve got a display in front of me right now, and it says next to each pin:

 1: VSS
 2: VDD
 3: VO
 4: RS
 5: R/W
 6: E
 7: D0
 8: D1
 9: D2
10: D3
11: D4
12: D5
13: D6
14: D7
15: A
16: K

Ofcourse you need the power supply to your display too:
Pins 1 and 2.
And if it has a backlight (presence of these pins suggests that), you need pins 15 and 16 too.

There’s no guarantee that this is correct for you, but this seems to be closest to standard as it gets.

Next time you want information like this, at least tell about the brand and type, and/or where you got it.