Which library do I use for these LEDs?

Hi - I bought these LEDs from Amazon. I've spent ~6-8 hrs trying to fig out what kind they are (LPD8806 vs WS2801 etc) to no avail. Im able to run the Adafruit libraries for LPD8806 and WS2801 through my Uno R3, but I don't think the output is as intended. There are 4 wires going from the single microcontroller (or what I believe to be a microcontroller) to the LED strip. There are 2 wires going from the other end of the alleged microcontroller to the power source... Any help appreciated!


That's a non-addressable LED strip, you have a 5 V wire and then the others are connected to the cathode of all the LEDs of a given color on the entire strip. You can't control individual LEDs, only the color of the entire strip. There are some random RGB LED libraries around but really you don't need one because the code is super simple. You could just use digitalWrite() to turn color channels on/off or you can use analogWrite to control the brightness of each color channel, which gives you >16 million colors to chose from (256 * 256 * 256). Keep in mind that the Uno can't handle the current of all those LEDs so you need to use some external circuitry to actually switch the LEDs and just send control signals to that circuitry from the Uno's pins.

Bin the controller, it is of no use unless you have a USB host shield on your Arduino and are very good at writing software.

You will also need FETs to drive the LEDs as you can't get enough current from an Arduino pin.
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