Which library should I use for the RA8875 on an MKR1000

I am new (newbie) to this kind of project and I need guidance to connect this RA8875 to my MKR1000.
I am trying to create a touch screen which is why I got the KD50G21 and the RA8875 for this project.
This is for my son with Autism who doesn't speak.
My goal is to have a touch screen that he can use to press the "I Want" touch screen button and then select one of 4 touch screen buttons for "Drink" "Break" "Need Help" "Food" "iPad" so when he presses them, it will speak it out on a speaker so when he is with others than myself or my wife, he can communicate with them.

In order to have touch screen, I know I will need to get the coordinates of where the buttons are and the images will have to match these coordinates as well as determine whether the initial touch will be recognized or after he has pressed down.
Also I am not sure which wires I would need to connect from the RA module to the MKR1000.
I have seen a couple of connection images from others but not sure if I need to have all of them connected as well as the +y -y +x -x connected as well and where they would go.

I have Googled to see how it is supposed to be connected in order to utilize the SP1 process and not sure if I need this or not.
Any assistance or guidance is appreciated.

YEAH!!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
I have finally figured it out and got the ts_calibration code to run on my MKR1000!
I compared what pins were needed for my UNO because it worked just fine.
I tried it on the MKR2UNO device and it didn't work then it occurred to me change the CS, RST and INT pins so I changed a couple to other pins, updated the code and it worked!

I hope this helps others with the MKR1000 Connection to the RA8875!

Here is what I set up from the RA8875 to the MKR1000:
RA8875/ MKR1000
VIN/ PIN 14 = +5
CS/ PIN 06 = Defined as CS in code
RST/ PIN 02 = Defined as RESET in code
INT/ PIN 03 = Defined as INT in code

Run the RA8875 calibration code (ts_calibration) and change

/*** What I modified ***/
#define RA8875_INT 3
#define RA8875_CS 6
#define RA8875_RESET 2

ALSO--- I changed the code to reflect the 800x480 display instead of the 480x272 so it would be full screen display instead of half of it)

void setup()
Serial.println("Hello, RA8875!");

/* Initialize the display using 'RA8875_480x272' or 'RA8875_800x480' /
This is what I modified to 800X400 instead of the 480X272 */__
if (!tft.begin(RA8875_800x480))

Compile and then upload and your screen should power on and give you the test to run.