Which light sensor should I use? Is this feasible?

Hello! I am currently planning out a project and I'm wondering on how I can make this work. So some basic knowledge before we get into this, in the game Pokemon there are alternative colored Pokemon called shinies that are very rare, occurring 1/8192 times. In FireRed, one of the older games in the series, these shinies have a teal border around their summary screen, rather then the normal dark blue-ish color. My current plan for this device

What are you trying to accomplish? even if you could get a light sensor that detected the color difference, what are you going to do? tape it to your screen and run around blindly or with very little screen hoping to bump into one of these Pokemon? say you do bump into one and your calculations for the sensor are barely off and it doesn't signal anything or whatever you want it to and the "shiny" is gone. you would have wasted all of that time and your 1/8192 times starts over.

Sorry, I posted this accidentally before I was done writing it up. Here's the rest of my post:

"My current plan is this: I'll have a loop script that activates servos that will press buttons on a Gameboy Advance SP to navigate through the game. It'll buy a Pokemon at an arcade, open its summary, and then the light sensor will turn on. The sensor will check the RGB values coming from the summary border onscreen and detect whether the color emitted is the normal color or not. If it is, then the light sensor will deactivate, the game will be reset, and the loop will be repeated. If it is not the normal border color, then the script will not loop and a buzzer will be activated instead.

So here's my question. What should I use for this task? The two that I've been looking at the TCS3200 and the TCS34725. Do you all have any recommendations on which one I should use? Any tips on how to set this up? Lastly, are there any issues I should be concerned about? If you need more information about the project to give advice, I can provide it. Thanks in advance."

I am planning on 3D printing several parts to keep the sensor and other actuators in a specific position so they aren't moving around. I want to have it so it detects when the color is different than the base color, rather than when it is teal, just so it won't run into problems like you mentioned. I have read up on these sensors and some people have said that the readings weren't very accurate, so I was thinking of adding some kind of parameter instead of a specific RGB value. I wouldn't really know what to do for that though.

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