which limit the discharge of one 18650 3.7v battery,?

which limit the discharge of one 18650 3.7v battery,?

The resistance of the circuit?

The internal resistance of the cell?

The rated maximum current?

What do you mean by "limit"? What causes a certain amount of current? What physically limits the maximum short circuit current? What is the maximum safe current without damaging the cell?

What is the maximum current up to charge and discharge the battery without damaging the cell?

battery 18650 4200mA 3.7v.

I will refer you to this very good website:




I have a monitor voltage'm using a voltage divider.

r1 = 10k ohm , r2 = 10k ohm and , Vi = 8.4 ,I can this battery this fast downloading?

that could use lower value resistors, for example two 100 Ohm resistors?

I'm not sure what you are asking me.

Yes, you can use two 100 ohm resistors, at the cost of increased current draw. Is there a reason for this?

Theres no such thing as a 18650 4200mA 3.7v cell. You have a fake . The best 18560 cells that currently exist are 3200 mah Panasonics or Sonys.