Which micro controller for Audio?

Hello All,

I would like to work with audio: Realtime Audio manipulation (Like Delay, Reverbs, etc ...).

Therefore I am looking for a Chip which following caracteristics:

  • Real quick (more than 88200 kHz, to do stereo, + works on the signal).
  • 2 x 16bit ADC (12 bit would be okay, external chip as well)
  • 2 x 16bit DAC (12 bit would be okay, external chip as well)
  • Eeprom 256k (even if an external Chip would be okay, with SPI if it would be quick enough)
  • A couple basic analog input (for pots)
  • A couple of digital in/out for LEDs und pushbutton.
    - Easy to program (arduino Bootloader).

I am sure that the profis from you already have many reference. I have seen for example a couple of PIC which are almost "especially" made for Audio. The only problem is that I know (and do Like) the arduino environment, I am really used to the Arduino C language, and I would love to keep working with it. Is there any Atmel chip which would meet my need, on which I could upload the arduino burn loader?

Thanks a million in Advance,

I would recommend looking at the Teensy3 with one of these on top. Have a look at this video to get some idea on what it can do.

First of all! A big thank you. It's not what I was looking for, but it may do the trick to 100% :slight_smile:

It's seems to be base on this chip: STGL5000

Its made for realtime processing. The only question which is not answered yet (about that component) is how much memory it does have, and how easy I can add memory to it: I want to be able to make a up-to-8-seconds Delay (and must therefore have enough memory to store that much information).

What do you think, Riva?

Thanks again for your great help :slight_smile:

16bits x 2chan. x 88ksps x 8sec. = 22528000 bits OR /8 = 2.816.000 bytes.
Arduino DUE , that works nicely with WM8731 in real time, doesn't have enough memory for your request.
You need external chip, SD or SRAM.