Which micro to use for Interactive Voice application?


I want to make a voice based application to control a set of relays. Initially I thought of using a voice chip from A-Plus however it has only 42 sec as maximum voice memory. I wanted about 100 seconds of voice memory.
Can you please suggest an MCU and voice chip?

Alternatively I could store the voice in MCU flash itself (doing away with a dedicated voice chip). Something like Raspberry Pico could do however I am not sure whether it supports audio playback from flash.

Please suggest tangible options.

Thanks and Regards,

I think you would be best to look at a Rasp Pi?

raspberry pi voice recognition

Tom... :slight_smile:

I am having a hard time trying to figure what a voice memory has to do with relays. Maybe it would be best if you explain exactly what you are trying to accomplish. What does the app run on???

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