Which Microcontrollers work for AudioFrequencyMeter library?

I am wanting to build a computer keyboard that is controlled by pitches played by a flute. I am wondering which microcontrollers work for the AudioFrequencyMeter libraries. Arduino - AudioFrequencyMeter . This article says that all SAMD arduinos work, but only mentions Zero, MKRZero, and MKR1000 (as did every other Arduino article). Are there other microcontrollers that work?

I haven't used the AudioFrequencyMeter library specifically, but the frequency detection algorithm is the same as was used in this thread where it was running on an Arduino Uno, albeit with a slower update rate.

The class library for for AudioFrequencyMeter includes register level configuration of the microcontroller's analog to digital converter. These register definitions are generally specific to the particular microcontroller family, which is probably why the library as currently written will work only on the the indicated boards. One would have to port the ADC control classes to use the library on a different processor family which shouldn't be that difficult.