Which Module should I use for project using custom 17 keys needing USB Interface

We have been asked to buld a custom data entry device requiring an array of 17 keys enclosed in a molded plastic belt worn assembly.

Qty's could eventually be quite high. Size is an issue but I have 4" in height by 1-1 1/2" in depth by 10" in length. Is there a standard module that is reccomended? Thanks

Do you mean that you want to build something that appears to a PC as a 17-key USB keyboard ?

Are you asking for advice about procuring the keys, or a microprocessor to read the keys and pretend to the PC that it is a keyboard. A Leonardo or the smaller Micro may be suitable for the microprocessor role. I know nothing about keys and keyboard devices.


Hi Thanks we will make the 17 key array and need a device to make it appear as a USB keypad to the PC .Having not done this before was not sure which device would be best suited ? Thanks