Which motor driver


I have a dc motor with gear and I am searching a good motor driver (board). The l296d and l298n have only 2A and the technical specification need more A:

Model: GA25YN370
Rated power: 3.5 W
Product type: brush DC motor
Rated voltage: 5-12 V
Rated current: 0.06 A

I searching a motor driver which works with the motor.
Can you please give name a good one.

Thank you!


Pololu has a good selection of motor drivers.

0.06Amp (60mA) might be freerunning, is a nonsence specification.
The motor seems to have a stall current of ~2.1Amp@12volt, so an L298 on a 12volt supply could just be ok.
Not the best of drivers though. It will only provide ~9volt to your motor when under heavy load.
But that might be ok for some applications (didn't tell us what it's used for).

Hello Leo,

thank you for your fast respond. I will use two motors to let Run my chain chassis in Garden.
What driver would you choose?


What driver would you choose?

One that can comfortably work with two of your 12volt/2.1Amp motors.
See reply#1